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Who are we ?

Semper Vigilance is an innovative company based in London that currently works with a number of pharmaceutical companies to help meet their pharmacovigilance requirements.

Our proactive, dependable and committed approach is evident in how we deliver and ensure you remain compliant in the ever changing pharmacovigilance arena. This lets you focus on what you do best - growing your more

What is our speciality ?

We specialise in providing comprehensive pharmacovigilance and quality assurance support to pharmaceutical companies and achieve outstanding results by identifying and developing bespoke solutions for each of our clients. We are dedicated to helping our clients transform their pharmacovigilance processes by introducing innovative, yet pragmatic concepts that streamline pharmacovigilance processes within their organisation.

By guiding you to an innovative, cost-effective and tailored solution that suits your business needs; we offer that peace of mind that your business compliance and integrity will never be more

Why us ?

With extensive technical knowledge of pharmacovigilance, we bring:

  • Quality solutions
  • Flexibility with our work, and
  • Transparent communication.

This ensures that our clients feel secure whilst working with us. We share our knowledge and educate wherever possible.

We take pride in looking after each business relationship we have built, by being accessible and responsive to you and all relevant business stakeholders. We focus on being proactive, rather than reactive and strive to exceed your expectations.